Product Stability


The expiration date provided on the product label is based on our experience with similar products, stability studies, published data, or in the case of specialty products may be established by the end-user. Our products are suitable for use until the expiration date if stored under the following conditions:

Original, unopened container with seal intact.
Product stored at controlled room temperature
(60º-90º F, 15.5º-32º C).
Note some products indicate to refrigerate
(store between 36º-46º F, 2º-8º C).

Opened Containers: Once the container is open, the shelf life depends on storage and handling by the end-user. Because of variability in handling and storage practices we cannot certify the expiration date for opened containers. The end-user can maximize the shelf life of opened containers by taking the following precautions:

Once Material is removed from the bottle, do not return
unused product back to bottle.
Open container in an area free from fumes.
Always recap bottle immediately after use.
Store opened bottles at recommended temperatures
(60º-90º F, 15.5º-32º C for room temperature or
between 36º-46º F, 2º-8º C for refrigerated products).
Do not pipette directly from bottle.

Expiration Verification: Deluxe Testing Equipment, Inc., has an expiration data verification procedure (method QCSP 52) that is employed to confirm the expiration on many product lines. Products involved in this process are manufactured, tested and stored under the same conditions as product sold to our customers.
Custom Products: The customer has the right to establish the expiration for custom blends using our Customer Product Quality Requirement Form (CPQR). When the CPQR form is used, the customer accepts responsibility to set the shelf life for specialty products.